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Meet the Cleaning W Team

United by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for creating pristine spaces, our team members bring diverse skills.

Core Team

Our team members

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Carlos Olson

Cleanup Coordinator

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Sophie Chang

Deep Cleaning Expert

member team
Raul Simmons

Team Lead

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Emma Turner

Sales Manager

member team
Arlene McCoy

Deep Cleaning Expert

member team
Brooklyn Simmons

Deep Cleaning Expert

member team
Theresa Nguyen

Sales Manager

member team
Carlos Ramirez

Relations Specialist

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We take pride in the trust our customers have in us


Customers frequently ask

What types of cleaning services does Cleaning W offer?
Are your cleaning products eco-friendly?
How does Cleaning W ensure the safety and security of my property?
Can I get a quote for cleaning services before scheduling?
How often can I schedule cleaning services with Cleaning W?
Can I request additional services not included in the standard packages?
What sets Cleaning W apart from other cleaning services?
How does Cleaning W handle customer feedback and concerns?

Find reliable plumbers when you need them most

We are quick, reliable, efficient, trustworthy, accommodating and most of all, knowledgeable about the trade. So contact us today so we can be of your immediate service!

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